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About Us

About Us

You-At is a Kolkata based IT firm, we believe in solutions that help our clients combine innovation with an intelligent business sense. We provide a full facet of web services, which range from custom web design & development to full service SEO. Apart from web services for clients we also work with offshore and nearshore outsourcing. We work towards bringing improvements in both office process efficiencies as well as company's bottom-line.

So what's your value proposition?

We are aiming to be the trusted outsourcing partner for SME’s worldwide.

Why You-At?

As an SME you can hardly afford to spend resources on non-value creating tasks. You need to be working on getting that customer and improving your product, and not worrying about your accounting or your IT support.

As companies grow in size and operations, it becomes increasingly clear that their focus has to be redirected to their core activities while the non-core functions can be 'sent out' or 'outsourced' to vendors specialized in that particular function.

We help you to do just that.

You-At is a "one-stop-shop" for you. We have the resource, expertise, and experience to deliver tailor-made services that will help you win clients and businesses.

In the recent times, outsourcing of IT projects and software development has become the most successful and popular business process. This has enabled the companies to create highly competitive solutions at a reduced cost and also in a shorter project time

Please describe your project and we are here to help you!

Our competitive strength is to provide "Enhanced customer service with quality assurance and cost-effective operations" to our clients.

What we offer

Flexibility:We are well acquainted with the dynamics of the SME industry, and we understand your requirements and demands. If you need websites developed in a couple of days, contract drawn up in a few hours or real time IT support - we are there to help you.

Reliability: We offer the highest quality of work as the executives who handle your account are experts in their own domains. We will double check to ensure that the work we offer is at par with the highest standards in the industry. Your success is after all intrinsic to ours.

Affordability:We offer services that are easily accessible by You-At affordable rates. Our prime focus lies in the giving you the best quality work at a reasonable cost. Our work and our rates can also be customized according to the work you require from us.